Thursday, January 3, 2008

oos ki boondein

Category-Personal and hardly articulated!

There are songs that touch your soul, n there are songs that stir your soul-Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin,Par Andhere Se Darta Hoon Main Maa-Taare Zameen Par

How much ever I try running away from them, in some way or other it all comes back,
Like an unexpected flood drowning the whole village, like stars and moons pouring down on you trying to wipe the pearly tears..

Flash Back.

The movie defined all these and so much more for me.
I don’t even feel like discussing it, because its become so much a part of me.
Some movies are a journey, and this one was surely one such experience.
Ishaan is probably present in each one of us, a part of us am sure can relate to him somewhere deep within..

I was just jobless, introspecting, and I realized I was so different in my childhood.

For instance, those evenings where I would take my cycle out, clean it, get its tyres checked, and then venture out contented..
Eat pakodas in the chai ki tapri all alone. I wouldn’t need a company ,all I cared about was tasting those crisp snacks with freshly prepared coriander chutney while people around kept gazing.I didn’t know why. I truly didn’t bother.
I can still smell the pakodas.
I can still smell my childhood like a waft of air passing by..nostalgic smell, sweet salty smell, and sometimes nauseating.

A child.Yes just a child . All he asks for at a tender age is some genuine love and care.
And it’s a shame if they don’t even find a healthy upbringing.

There was something mentioned in this post-Friday, September 29, 2006(
This movie just gave shape to my thoughts, Oh So beautifully.
Sparing a thought so beautifully for an issue like this is simply commendable.
Kids..arent they the one who sprinkle colours of faith and hope in this huge big world…where sometimes one tends to get lost in the rat race..disillusioned..facaded..

Actually its not just about kids…its about the kid in all of us..its about innocence..
Its about finding your true self… not bothering about how the world would perceive you

By the end of the movie I truely wanted to thank my parents for all they have given me so unconditionally.. I remember my father having rejected numerous offers where in he could grow his business, because he valued his family the most.. before anything..anyone else. Maa and Baba having always comforted me whenever I felt left out..whenever the world would turn upside down. Glowing with pride with each of my achievement.. letting me have a taste of the bigger world outside my small town… not always giving in to my whims..
Lol..its stupid actually..impossible to remember all those moments that has nurtured my life so far.

I took classes, painting, dancing, kept myself busy creatively, chalking out ways to overcome my shortcomings. Probably, I was an introvert then, but I was leading a quality life. I would search for places where I could go, study, read at peace, write my diary…

And now.. a part of me has turned into a curious kid looking around helplessly, evaluating my existence day in day out.. my self esteem having gone for a toss..

And you don’t remember a thing about this post the moment you close down this page :P