Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bulbul pakhi

Those who love me will tune into this song ;)
Bulbul Pakhi by Antara
Yes, its a bengali nursery song and you will still listen to it okay!

I can write a thesis on my childhood and spray them with nostalgia keeping these songs in my mind, but am on a disadvantage when it comes to time these days:(
So give me some of it, I d be back.Hopefully.

State of Mind:
Amazingly positive and negative at the same time. I really wonder if I am one of those people who have both +ve and -ve blood group at the same time;) No, no such specie has been found so far :P

See ya.

Some spontaneous lines as a comment by me on a thought provoking post. Post about? Life what else!!!

they r words... all tht u just blurted out, and they mean a lot...
we get trapped probably when we start thinking they make sense to whom exactly? and then starts flowing the thoughts of this unbearble burden turning us numb day after day...

i guess, we make a choice, to continue living with it and feeling more n more every moment or give up moulding into the rationalities around..

cuz if u gotto feel it u gotto feel it hard, its painful, n unfortunately tht's how it is..

n bout u...wht i feel is..Despite everything, u go on...exploring more, learning more, atleast wanting to know more, n u are aware of your lost and found oppurtunities as well..and that means something now...