Monday, July 13, 2009

saazish hai boondon ki...

Here comes the the season of floaters, and capris and hot cappuccinos. The season of splashes and 'coming late to work' with loads of excuses, blaming poor rains for the delay.

The season of swimming across water-clogged roads (eww!) and watching people on the streets a little more intently. Smelling the samosas, the tapri wali chai and hurriedly relishing the moments.

The season of wishing you could stay back home and wishing of the cliched wish-- "oh-I-wish- i could cuddle in my room cozily with a book"...ofcourse, wishing you have with you a cuppa hot beverage as a perfect companion :P

The season of working while listening to the beats of the drizzle hit the glass panes...falling on your senses with utter an impact.. work no more functional but garnished with pleasure and hopes.

The season of wet memories..fulfilled and unfulfilled ..drenched moments.."fond and mesmerizing"..crucial forgiveness ..kind and by the by

The season of long conversations.. and random smses to long-lost friends..heartfelt conversations with family and beloved ones...reading stories like the gift of magi and erich segal's 'love story'..and feel like feeling like a crazy mushy fool;)

Like people melting into the same essence with the smell of wet earth, indifferent expressions but hearts brimming with emotions...deep within craving and desiring of things muted with passing time.

the shower drenches you till the soul...the cold breeze engulfs your heart...the colours blur with a haze...but droplets trickle no more...

The season of happiness and beauty and all the things lovely.

So, what are rains...just a change in climatic conditions or a state of mind?
The latter indeed:)