Monday, July 27, 2009

a walk to remember...

So well, they walked..and walked...and walked...
Like memories tugging on to them like a little kid, like moments dripping down the timeless togetherness, like words melting into the thin air with fond blushes.
The laughter echoed into the woods and pearls of sweet nothings waved into the foreverness ...
Fingers entwined, thoughts aligned, oh! at times not so aligned, but drenched in the essence of randomness..the beauty of dreams realized itself through that walk..
Time teased them, destiny chased with a wild vigour for answers.
But who cared, when all that mattered was..the power of freezing time. Standing still like a deep ripple-free ocean sleeping cozily without being disturbed.
The trees stood tall and the branches formed themselves into a bouquet..covering them..protecting them like a mother tenderly holding its child. The twinkle of the stars shone on their bright faces while they running against the rushing waves in a sea, holding each other like never letting go. Futility turned pale, shyed away, and visions of eternal moments danced to the tunes of triumph.

Moist eyes and warm hearts, shivering steps in the dreamy envelope of fog and mist.. the night growing silent ..intimidating but challenging..haunting in a beautiful way...
They paced down, and started walking they had all the time in the world, like beauty stood for them with open arms as they trodded the streets with no the never-ending roads stretched futrther to move away from their destinations. For they seeked no deadline...they looked for nothingness in that moment of everything..they just wanted to melt like silhouettes before a sun, like elegance before fearless love, like lovers in the rain....

Monday, July 13, 2009

saazish hai boondon ki...

Here comes the the season of floaters, and capris and hot cappuccinos. The season of splashes and 'coming late to work' with loads of excuses, blaming poor rains for the delay.

The season of swimming across water-clogged roads (eww!) and watching people on the streets a little more intently. Smelling the samosas, the tapri wali chai and hurriedly relishing the moments.

The season of wishing you could stay back home and wishing of the cliched wish-- "oh-I-wish- i could cuddle in my room cozily with a book"...ofcourse, wishing you have with you a cuppa hot beverage as a perfect companion :P

The season of working while listening to the beats of the drizzle hit the glass panes...falling on your senses with utter an impact.. work no more functional but garnished with pleasure and hopes.

The season of wet memories..fulfilled and unfulfilled ..drenched moments.."fond and mesmerizing"..crucial forgiveness ..kind and by the by

The season of long conversations.. and random smses to long-lost friends..heartfelt conversations with family and beloved ones...reading stories like the gift of magi and erich segal's 'love story'..and feel like feeling like a crazy mushy fool;)

Like people melting into the same essence with the smell of wet earth, indifferent expressions but hearts brimming with emotions...deep within craving and desiring of things muted with passing time.

the shower drenches you till the soul...the cold breeze engulfs your heart...the colours blur with a haze...but droplets trickle no more...

The season of happiness and beauty and all the things lovely.

So, what are rains...just a change in climatic conditions or a state of mind?
The latter indeed:)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And there are days when you are choked with emotions..but the numbness is so overpowering it refutes all reasons of letting thoughts breathe without fear of consequences.

Like stray memories demanding a decision to forgive or forget, let go or supress...
life sometimes poses questions framed in a format that is hardly decipherable by the mind and the heart... A phase comes I guess when an individual has no clue of what is happening around him/her but keeps operating...functioning..surviving...and sustaining... awaiting with bated breath for moments that would reaffirm his faith in the very word faith itself...

Crossroads are a dangerous juncture... you have to take you pick..
you may go backwards, go ahead..but freezing or going still is the worst form of surrender!

But life, time and again with its favourite game of hide and seek has splashed reasons on me to keep functioing...and at times cherishing and reveling in the ecstasy.

So what are we ultimately, zombies?? aliens to the other wordly creatures (if any) who emote, cry, smile, demand, whine, pester and ultimately mould into the rationalities with the emotions getting emoted like machines, where even a decision from the hearth is as functional as a device that flashes reminder or to-do note as set by its owner. The only difference here is we ourselves are the owner here running our lives like a puppet show. The heart is scared to feel,changes boggle and amuse it... and the most that the owner can do is probably try and tenderly hold the heart with utmost care by protecting it from the harshness outside. A scratch and you are damaged for a lifetime. How weak;) I guess whoever says he is strong says so with all the scratches and wounds having gone numb in the heart and well! ignorance is bliss right, you just need to be prepared to shut the sudden pangs and desires that heart cries out for at times.

By the way I inteneded to start this post on an entirely note, but never mind..
Life is beautiful:) more later...