Thursday, August 27, 2009

random muse

It's sad how easy it becomes to discard things once they are old and irrelevant to the present. Say, those old documents at my desk. I rummaged through the pile of files, folders, A4 sheets, colour prints, checklists... neatly put back the selected ones and rejected others.
Rejection becomes such an easy job when time has passed.
What point am I trying to make here? Nothing just an observation and attempt at understanding this typical behaviour.
These rejected ones were so precious few weeks ago. I thought I would sit at peace and go through them, absorb each element, understand and preserve each bit.

There are times when you know you wouldn't let go of something. But you never know, the future might see you indifferently get rid of the same, suppressing few wishes deep down, mechanically surrendering to situations or the idea of "moving on with times".

Those envelopes or gift wraps you had lovingly unravelled to find your gift by a special or not so special one, tucked the torn pieces safe into your shelf, looked at them time and again to relive the same warmth.. With time, you keep some reject few...why?because you can't keep them all na... Just like you need to sell off old newspapers..the same newspaper that had helped you explore the most surprising facts around the world..articles that had prompted you to discuss and debate and gift you the world in mere 2 to three bucks.

It gets so difficult to preserve all the memories that you had once vouched for.
Your first best friend at school, when you didnt even know what a best friend meant..who helped you learn your concepts by-heart by reading them aloud again and again , pestered her mother to pack your favourite food for lunch, voted for you as the class prefect! Today,years after, one scrap on orkut might just bring in memories of you and her, but what I find sad is how mute feelings can become with time which once screamed with promises of eternal bliss.

Yeah, you can give a new name to this rejection. Call it Priority. Time. Change. Plain Indifference?

Things take a backseat, life takes a back-seat...people change.. you adjust according to your times let time and life take over than you taking over it...

Like I said..random muse! Never mind.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

come. let's explore.

Imagine, colouring a blank canvas the way you like it. With no one to dictate, or judge. The world and you are at sync...peace..and harmony...
Imagine, spraying the shades and hues all over the blankness and colouring your world crazily...just the way you like it..randomly, tangently, not adhereing to set patterns or rules...
Because, to have your own story you need to go that extra mile and spray the colours of emotions on to the blank sheet of your life just the way you like it..just the way your heart demands..
The colours may turn dark once in a while..or indecipherable..but that's no reason to stop believing.. or is it?