Monday, June 2, 2008


She sub-consciously performs her daily ritual.Types her Gtalk Status message first thing in the morning:
..selective memory....does it help? if atall
A message instantly pops up
a: It helps.
Who does it help is the question?
b: hmm
yeah..who does it help?
doesnt help me..cuz i can brush away memories i dun wanna rem
i mean cant *
a: which is not such a bad thing.
if you can do it , that is.
selective memory is not necessarily by design.
b: then?
a: by default too.
one's mental make up may be such so as to remember a certain set of things.
b: thts wht am sayin...
there r things i d better off put aside
a: so that can help , no?
b: but doesnt happen thtw ay..
hits me like a wave now n then
a: hmmm!
anything in particular that you wanna talk about?
b: hmm..nt reely...
just random thots
4get just lost it:p
how are you....?
a: Good!
Losing it is the best gift you can give to yourself.
b: :) tht makes me feel good:P
(hope 'a' doesnt mind for me having dared to extract the conversation into my quiet dark dwelling here)


Tyro said...

pyasi padosan :)!!! .

Beauty and the BEast said...

lol!! That was sweet in a very weird way..

Ricky said...

**scratching head**

Samjh nahin aaya, come on gtalk and explain me :P

Khamakha said...

@tyro- :)
@beauty n beast-lol..i kno
@ricky-neva mind, like it says ve lost it;)