Monday, December 15, 2008

In the movie dil kabbadi, character played by Soha Ali Khan goes something like this...
She can't hold her mind still, even when she should. She imagines wild, weird, obscure things when she should be focussing on more important things!
Thus goes my life.. if my life was a person, he would be this adventure freak, amused at the simplest of things and surprised at all the ironies and dark humour that sketches his being. And that affects me. Balance is the need of the hour.
No extra emotions and no irrelevant tears. Just plain acceptance and trust.
Wait, I even forgot why I started writing this post.

My friend told me the other day really firmly, and how I love her for that, that we need to survive and live no matter what! We have to take care of ourselves, eat in time, (force food down the throat if needed), sleep in time, work and carry on! Rest will follow. And even if it doesn't YOU HAVE to carry on. SO I said hell, yeah, how true.

K, i need some inspiration to write..and believe why must I write.. I d just finish reading a book and convince myself how important it is to let your imagination go wild and delve in the joy/sadness.Or may be this is JUST not the right time.

A thought: Is it your constant worry that makes the worry come true , or was it bound to happen..May be the worrying part was just preparing you to face the reality to come?
If the latter holds true, everything falls in system and logic!

And do have a look at this beautiful post on the myth of timeless art: LORADO TAFT'S FOUNTAIN OF TIME and go the post named -->LORADO TAFT'S FOUNTAIN OF TIME-->Wednesday, November 26, 2008


rain girl said...

i believe the latter is true. our survival instinct prepares us for what is to come.

cute post, but don't think too much too soon. let everything take its own course.

Red Soul said...

I want to watch dil kabbadi hain. Read this. And I couldn't stress the whole poem more!! its totally awesome and everytime I feel low because of other people, I read that line to myself again and again that : "So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers."

read that whole poem again n again until you feel it :)

AmitL said...

Hi,there..believe me,it's always our instinct. It causes us to worry or feel happy about things to come.What we need to do is trust that instinct.
I always try and do that,but,even then,sometimes,I go against it-agsinst my better judgement,so to speak, and it turns out later that the instinct was right.:)

Ricky said...

Worrying is inherent in human nature which helps prepare us for the "unknown". It is indeed ironic that we fear unknown sometimes at the expense of known. So, prepare for the future but not at the expense of present.

PS: A little birdie had already told me about that artsy post.