Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Luck by Chance

Ik Raasta Kaanto Ka Hai
Ik Rasta Phool Ka
Tujhpe Hai Kaunse
Tu Raaste Ko Chune

Ik Raasta Hai Soch Ka
Ik Rasta bhool Ka..
Tujhpe Hai Tera Dil
Ab Kya Kahe Kya Sune
Hoga Tera Yeh Faisla
Hai Sochna Ya Bhool Na

I loved Luck By Chance (Yeah, may be more for personal reasons, keep guessing;))
But whatever, few scenes and dialougues were so well done and yes! matured too.
Life and People. Excitement and Guilt. Hope and despair. and...harsh realities.. The movie had it all. Amazing effort I must say.

Konkaka did it again.
And Farhan is cute. Really really so;) His character has been etched out beautifully...
I enjoyed the movie....do watch it atleast once.


marvin the paranoid android said...

a. thanks for obliging...

b. did see the movie but did not find it that good... maybe i was expecting too much from farhan akhtar... anyways to each one his (or her) own...

rain girl said...

oh it was agood movie, no doubt..very real.. :)

oo7 said...

haven't seen it yet,going to watch it soon :)

tc ji

AshenGlow said...

Hmm.. i found it worth the tickets i bought i swear.. but thats it. Fun time pass kinds. I believe Kokona has much more potential than she makes use of. The last few movies that iv seen her in, she's done similar characters somehow. Nonetheless, i really like her. And hey! i dint know Farhan could DANCE!! ;)


d gypsy! said...

havnt seen it yet

Ricky said...

I liked Luck By Chance too. I thought it was very well made movie with a good dose of reality. Konkana is my favorite since the day I saw, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer and Farhan is a revelation as an actor. By the way, I loved the character of Rishi Kapoor too, he was hilarious.

PS: What personal reasons? :P